MaxxAir is best described by it's involvment in the "air moving business", specifically, RV ventilation. Whether you manufacture, sell, service or own an RV, you have more than likely heard of MAXXAIR. These vent covers, manufactured since 1988, protect millions of rvs, nationwide. However, their reputation as the "RV Ventilation Solutions Pros" was built on more than a single product. Offered is a complete line of quality, innovative ventilation products to provide and maintain protection for your RV as well as regulating temperature helping to create a comfortable environment, as they say, through "rain or shine!".


maxxair vent covers

Maxx Air Maxxair Vent Cover

Your roof can remain open while protecting your RV's interior from rain damage with the Maxx Air Maxxair Vent Cover. Heat buildup isn't a concern with constant air flow allowed. Heat, smoke, musty air, and cooking odors aren't an issue with Maxxair vent covers. Keeps the rain out while allowing the odors to escape. Featured is MaxxAir's Zero-Leak Mounting System which eliminates any hole drilling in the roof surface of your RV. Mounts to most popular 14" x 14" standard roof vents.

Cargo Carrier 2

Maxx Air Turbo/Maxx All Weather RV Ventilator

Even when it rains maximum ventilation is provided. Allowing selection of intake or exhaust operation is provided by the three speed fan with a powerful 4 amp motor. This 12" diameter, 10-blade fan effortlessly eliminates musty air, smoke, and cooking odors with the prevention of heat build-up. 900 CFM on high, 680 on medium and 500 on low changes up the action. The fan automatically cycles on and off using the Model 1200T with thermostat. It's as simple as adjusting the thermostat to your desired temperatue, the 1200T will do the rest! Directly attaches to your existing 14" x 14" standard roof vent without removal required. Models feature a translucent white, high density polyethylene rain cover with UV inhibitors.

Ventilation System

Maxx Fan Maxxair 12 Volt RV Ventilation System

Vent, fan, and rain protection are incorportated with this all-in-on complete ventiliation system. Powerful 3-speed fan, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions are all provided to assist in eliminating unwanted odors and preventing heat build-up while protecting your interior from rain damage. No need to reach for the ceiling, select models include remote control for operation, so, stay sitted and take adavantage. Model is available in two colors.

maxxair II vent covers

MaxxAir II Vent Covers

Enjoy twice as much vent area as your original vent cover with the MaxxAir II vent cover. Exclusive side louvers provide the most cross ventilation of any vent cover on the market. Solid, sleek aerodynamic design. No tools are required with the included hinged hardware for opening and cleaning ease. Mounts to the same holes as the standard MaxxAir vent cover. Backed by a 6 year warranty.



Power Vent CoverMaxxAir, Fan Mate Power Vent Cover, Model 900, Black

Allows your fan/vent to open for ventilation while providing superb rain protection. All models feature a high denisty polyethylene cover capable of inhibiting UV rays. The ceiling fan/vent is enclosed by included louvers and a screen which prevent leaves, twigs, and any other debris from reaching your fan blades. The louvered opening allows for high volume air flow, leaving your rv fresh. To enchance air flow and added protection from wind driven rain the screened louvers are positioned within the opening.

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MaxxAir Window/Maxx Louvered Window Vent

Whether it's the rain is pouring or the sun is shining your sliding windows can be left wide open. Introducing the MaxxAir Window/Maxx Louvered Window Vent. Lets fresh air in while keeping rain out! Great cross ventilation is provided with roof vents as well as their powered counter parts. Opens and closes just as before since it mounts to the window's exterior frame. Even when partially open, stainless steel hardware and window stop pins assist in maintaining vehicle security even even when the window is partially open.